The most common problem that DIY-ers encounter when working on a project is that they are not knowledgeable of certain techniques. Many assume that just by looking at an instruction manual or a DIY handbook.

For instance, when a wood staining job is undertaken, many people believe that more is better. This is actually not the case, as majority of deck finishes tend to penetrate deep into the wood. Excessive application of these chemicals would result in a buildup of material that would eventually lead to the formation of an unsightly film. This film may even crack or peel over time and will be very difficult to repair.

Over-application of water-repellent products can also result in an overly sticky and waxy shell. When these are applied one after the other, the stickiness would be difficult to get rid of as the layers have not been dried enough.

This is why it is best to hire professionals to do the job. Your deck is a place that will see a lot of traffic in the warmer months, so quality is key.

Preparing the Deck Surface for Staining

The durability of your new deck finish will be determined by how well you have primed and prepared the wooden deck surface. Ensure that the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Check for mildew and grime that has made their way into the crevices, and remove them all, too.

Guidelines for Applying Stains

First, mix all the cans of chemicals to insure uniformity in color. Although you are using factory-mixed color, you still should go through this step, as even these can be tinted differently from batch to batch.

Take a 5-gallon paint and fill it with approximately four gallons of stain. Using a mixing paddle, stir the mixture and regularly agitate it during application. Before starting on the actual work area, test a small amount of the stain on a corner of the deck to confirm if it’s really the color you’re looking for.

When you reach the one-gallon level, add another gallon if required. Don’t wait for the chemicals to get totally used up before adding another batch. This prevents obvious demarcations in color where the new batch has been applied.

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