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New Decks

Because there are so many different designs, styles and materials in new deck construction we have adapted to construct any type of deck that is available. Our deck construction crew has built over 30 decks this season and over 200 in the last recent years.

We offer a complete 5 year warranty and a complete maintenance program to keep your deck clean and protected for years to come. On all service calls, we inspect the complete deck and tighten all necessary hardware.

Building a New Deck

Building a porch or deck takes a decent amount of carpentry skills as well as knowledge of power tool use. Using O'Leary & Sons, you’re sure to achieve quality results without putting your safety at risk.

O'Leary & Sons can create almost any deck designs that you may want constructed for your home. We can draw up sophisticated design plans while working with the you in a manner that all of the intended purposes of the porch or deck will meet. Overhangs and coverings for the deck can also be included in the design plans if you want these features added.

Choosing Your Deck Material

O'Leary & Sons offers many different materials to choose from when building a deck:

Pressure-Treated Lumber
Pine that has been chemically conditioned to resist the elements and fungus, pressure-treated lumber is still the most commonly used decking material for homes. Pressure-treated lumber is among the most affordable decking materials and easiest to install. However, it is susceptible to splintering, warping and cracking and requires the most maintenance when it comes to decking materials.

Rot-Resistant Woods
Some homeowners prefer woods, like redwood and cedar, that don’t have to be treated with chemicals. However, these woods, which are naturally resistant to insects and decay, are more expensive. They still require regular cleaning and should be restained every two to three years.

Tropical Hardwoods
Even more expensive woods are now being used for decking material, including Ipe, Brazilian cherry, tigerwood and cumaru. These woods are considered more aesthetically pleasing and provide durability and resistance to rotting.

Composite Decking
The options in composite decking, typically a combination of recycled plastics and wood fibers, are steadily expanding. One bamboo decking product, for example, is made from recycled bamboo fibers and recycled plastics. The final product combines the attractiveness of wood and the weather- and stain-resistance of plastics.

Decks We Built

Hereunder are some of the latest decks we built for our customers here in Colorado. If you see anything you like here, please call us for details on (719) 573-0682

What Our Customers Say

Did EXCELLENT work! Everyone notices all the little details they did. They go above and beyond! Took more work then expected but they did everything needed to make walls look great without charging extra. Even came back to do touch ups after trim had to be removed for floor replacement! Fair and honest- can't ask for better service. I'd hire them again in a heartbeat. Simple put- stop looking at other places and call them. You won't regret it!
- Aaron R.

They knew we had time constraints and were very attentive to our needs. Their advice on color and type of paint was perfect and the work was timely and professional. Would definitely recommend Evergreen and will hire them again in the future.
- Terry R.

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